Dr. Jim Vineyard

Dr. Jim Vineyard was saved on September 17, 1964, in a motel room in Moline, Illinois.  When he surrendered to preach in 1967, he began preaching that very night.  He prepared for ministry at Indiana Baptist College, under the leadership of Dr. Ford Porter.  After working as bus director at four different churches, Dr. Vineyard was called to take the pastorate of Windsor Hills Baptist Church in March of 1977.  With a vision to carry out the Great Commission to the fullest extent possible, Dr. Vineyard revived and enhanced Oklahoma Baptist College, which has trained missionaries, pastors, evangelists, Christian School teachers, and church secretaries for service to the Lord all over the world.  He also established Windsor Hills Baptist Schools.

In 2004, God touched Dr. Vineyard’s heart with the Scripture verse Genesis 12:3 which says:  “…I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee….”  Determined to be a blessing to God’s chosen people, He began making several trips a year to Israel to deliver humanitarian aid and to encourage Israeli soldiers and the families of fallen soldiers.  Soon the Yedidim of Israel ministry was born, a collaboration of over 7,600 independent Baptist churches in America, who desire to have a part in blessing Israel.

Dr. Vineyard retired from the pastorate in 2007, to be able to focus more on the Yedidim of Israel ministry.  Through Yedidim of Israel, many groups of pastors, laymen, and college students have visited Israel and made friends of God’s chosen people, and many churches have sponsored container libraries for IDF soldiers.

Today, Dr. Jim Vineyard continues to actively serve the Lord through both the Yedidim of Israel ministry and Windsor Hills Baptist Church.