Pastor Justin Watters

My name is Pastor Justin W. Watters.  I am from Omaha, Nebraska.  I grew up as the only Deaf person in my family. After I became Deaf, my mother and sister learned sign language to communicate with me.  My father also knows a little bit of sign language.  My family moved from Florida to Omaha, Nebraska, in order to find a good school for me to attend.  We then became members of the Midwestern Baptist Church.  When I was fourteen years old, after listening to a preacher preach, I realized that I was not 100% sure that I would go to Heaven.  That afternoon, I asked my mother to explain again to me the plan of salvation.  I understood clearly and accepted Jesus Christ in my heart as my Savior.

After high school, I attended University of Nebraska at Omaha and graduated in December 2006 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Management Information Systems.

In July 2008, during a Deaf camp in Oklahoma, God called me to preach to the Deaf.  I prayed for God to lead me to a place where I could have the right training to be a preacher, and God led me to Oklahoma Baptist College.

Two months later, I began attending Oklahoma Baptist College.  In May 2012, I graduated with a diploma in Pastoral Theology.  A few months later, God gave me an opportunity to become the pastor of Windsor Hills Baptist Deaf Church.  I moved back to Oklahoma City and began an internship that transitioned me into becoming the pastor.  Currently, I am the pastor of Windsor Hills Baptist Deaf Church.  I also teach classes in the Deaf Ministries Department at Oklahoma Baptist College.