Get on Board

Our theme this year is “Get on Board,” taken from Matthew 14:22, “And straightway Jesus constrained his disciples to get into a ship, and to go before him unto the other side, while he sent the multitudes away.”

For decades now, we have kicked off each year with Stewardship month at Windsor Hills Baptist Church. This year we will add an additional “ship” with each new month:

 January        - Responsible Stewardship

 February       - Faithful Friendship

 March          - Biblical Swordsmanship
 April          - Church Membership

 May            - Devoted Discipleship

 June           - Brotherly Fellowship

 July           - Following Leadership

 August         - Practical Apprenticeship

 September      - We Are His Workmanship

 October        - Persistent Marksmanship

 November       - Christian Citizenship

 December       - Praiseful Worship

We celebrated our nation’s 240th birthday this month.  It is remarkable and sobering that many of the world’s greatest nations and empires held prominence for about the same amount of time before either fading away out of existence or flat out falling from power.

During this month of July, the cities of Cleveland and Philadelphia will host the Republican and Democratic National Conventions.  It is at these two conventions that the two parties’ candidates for President are introduced.  The person elected as President in November will then implement what will be, for the most part, our nation’s course for the next four years.

For a long time now the United States of America has been heading full speed away from God, the Bible, and church.  (Sports, entertainment, and recreation now dominate the majority of households’ weekends.)  This is not just the fault of past presidents.  Preachers and pastors, husbands and fathers, state governors and legislatures, mayors and city councils, and leaders of every kind are to blame.  Dr. Lee Roberson used to say, “Everything rises and falls on leadership.”

This month we examine the stately ship of Leadership.

Come and join us as we Get on Board another ship with each new month.